story-tellerStorytelling gives people an opportunity to share the laughter and the tears – the experiences of life that give us all a common bond.  I can remember sitting on the front porch when the families got together.  It was easy to tell when the stories started – the children grew quiet.

Only Storytelling provides a means for learners to relate to their lessons in ways that give them formidable skills of inclusion and achievement. Storytelling provides the most creative strategies to gain and demonstrate knowledge and abilities. It’s also a lot of FUN.

Ben’s Storytelling Programs include World Folktales, American Tall Tales, Ghost Stories and Campfire Stories. His themes touch on Environmental Education, Cultural Diversity and Bridging the Generation Gap.

Ben is available for festivals, and programs for school, libraries, scouting events, teacher training and workshops, storyteller workshops, community events and other occasions where the love of life is celebrated.

Ben is a member and supporter of the following organizations concerned with the art of storytelling: