About Ben

Ben Rosenfield is an accomplished potter. He is also a storyteller with a proven ability to spin tales that capture the imaginations of listeners of all ages. See what folks have to say about Ben…

“When Ben begins a story, it conjures up images of front porch conversations and Sunday afternoons in family parlors. He speaks in a voice that is direct, true and filled with a love of language and an understanding of the human condition.”

– Jim May, Storyteller,
Co-Founder Illinois Storytelling Festival

“Ben has the uncanny ability to reach in his story bag and pull out just the right tale. His storytelling is impressive, both in his choice of stories and the manner in which he tells them. Ben’s voice, face, hands, and body all combine to carry the story into the listener’s mind and heart.”

– Mary Norris, Librarian, Storyteller

“Ben’s animated style gives life to characterizations that serve not only to entertain, but encourage others to try their hand. If you have the chance, I recommend you see and hear his performance.”

– James Menzer, School Superintendent

“One minute you’re listening to Ben say hello and the next thing you know, you’re engrossed in a tale that can take you to any time and any place. There’s lots of magic and adventure in an evening with Ben…”

– Susan Rochlis, Director of Camping Services